• 1. Is there an excess and how much is it?

    Yes, for most areas of cover there is a £100 excess. If your claim is settled the insurer will deduct £100 from the settlement amount. Check your policy details for all excess amounts.

  • 2. Does the contents section cover my belongings or do I need to have personal belongings cover?

    The contents policy covers your items inside your home against accidental damage, theft and loss from the insured perils such as fire, lightening, storm, flood or earthquake. The additional personal belongings cover we offer, covers your belongings away from home and outside of the UK.

  • 3. Why does the account name appear differently when I make a BACS payment?

    When making a BACS payment the account name may appear as 'Bode Insurance Solutions Limit' instead of 'Bode Insurance Solutions Limited' this is due to the account name being too many characters.

  • 4. Are my payments collected on a monthly basis?

    If you have opted to pay your total premium monthly, then your payment will be split over 12 months. Please see your policy schedule for details of your payments.

  • 5. How does the claim process work?

    You need to inform us as soon as possible after the incident has occurred. We will send you a claim form and request for further details which will all be specified in an email. Once all details are received, we will send the claim to the insurer for their consideration. We may need to send further information to the insurer, but we will keep you up to date with the progress of your claim.

  • 6. Will my policy automatically renew, or do I have to re-apply for my new policy?

    All our polices automatically renew. Renewal invitations are sent 2-3 weeks before the renewal date by email unless specified otherwise. There is no need to re-apply via our website.

  • 7. What do I do when I move out and no longer require the policy?

    The policyholder needs to let us know the date they want to cancel their policy this can be done by phone at 01903 890044 or email us at info@bodeinsurancesolutions.co.uk

  • 8. Do I need to let you know if I have moved address?

    If you have moved into a new rented property we will be able to transfer your policy to the new address. Please contact us by phone on 01903 890044 or email us at info@bodeinsurancesolutions.co.uk We will need your policy number, new address and the date you moved. We will then be able to amend your policy for no additional cost.

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