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Affordable tenant insurance with Bode

We've got you covered whether you're just starting out in your rental journey or you're a seasoned tenant. We're passionate about ensuring tenants like you have the protection you need. Not only do we safeguard your contents and personal belongings.

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So, what exactly is included in our tenant insurance?

Our policies are straightforward, effective, and affordable. They include Contents Cover and Tenant Liability Insurance. This means you're covered if you accidentally damage your landlord's property. Not having Tenant Liability cover could leave you personally responsible for repairs to items like furniture, fittings, and fixtures in case of accidents.

Meanwhile, our specialised Contents Cover offers peace of mind. If your personal possessions are lost, stolen, or damaged, rest assured you'll have the means to repair or replace them. With us, you can rent with confidence knowing you're protected every step of the way.

Contents Insurance (whilst in the home) covers:

  • Personal items
    Including clothing and jewellery

  • Soft furnishings
    Including bedding, curtains, and cushions

  • Electrical items
    Including TVs, games consoles, mobile phones, and speakers

  • Personal furniture
    Such as beds, sofas and tables

Tenants Liability Insurance covers:

  • Accidental damage
    To your landlord’s furniture, fixtures and fittings if you are liable under the terms of your tenancy agreement

*Subject to terms and conditions, please see the policy wording for more detail.

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